Reporting system and business intelligence



The system regards the creation of a flexible and adaptable solution, enhancing the operational capabilities of the enterprise by exploiting Communication and Technology Information.
Through the electronic processing and production management information, in parallel development with a Web Portal can provide information both for sellers and officials as also for the company’s administration and for even more. The proposed system aims: 


• to assist Administration by processing and exploiting the wealth of information from all the productive, informative subsystems for the provision of the operational information in the following areas:

o to the engraving of business plan,

o to the prompt and efficient implementation of the plans as also to their applications’ divergences

o to the results’ evaluation in relation to target and review shots.

• to the creation of a data base, collection and management of the operational and financial business information in an annual and monthly basis

• to the analysis and processing of the above data in order to support strategic decisions at management level.

• to make available in usable form, part of the information of the whole information system of the enterprise to the dealers via internet, and under special conditions, and in customers who would like to have picture of the economic size of their business cooperation.

• to provide informative details, reports and indicators to achieve the openness of the business system.

• to service sellers and the associated firms through Internet Applications. The applications will be in weekly and daily base.

• to the management of the updated business information, with a view to the effective support of the policy decision process.

• to ensure the expansionism of the system

• to the exploitation, where it is possible, of international standards and practices


The renewal data in the new application is done automatically every night and usually at a scheduled time during the day in order to be ready for consumption. With this model can be achieved:

• Better data security and information management ,

• less time of delivery on changes to the basic scenarios,

• Access from wherever the user is (inside – outside the company),

• Simultaneous scenarios’ usage by many users,

• Simultaneous use of multiple scenarios from a unique user,

• central management of scenarios and information

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