For DYNACOMP S.A. research and innovative development are important fields regarding the progress of the company. Investing on research allowed DYNACOMP to create innovative solutions on the ICT field and has lead to the production of software and hardware projects with direct commercial use. The company has cooperated with University of Patras, TEI Patras, ΙΤΥΕ 'DIOFANTOS', and with other individual researchers on subsidized projects or even unfunded research with succesful results. Between 2013-2015 DYNACOMP developed the following research projects:

InfoWi. IInfoWi is a suite of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, promoting enterprises, services and points of interest. All applications are offering location based services and easy to search information. The applications of the suite can operate within the network, but also out of it (offline) with automated transition from one state to the other, without user interference. The biggest part of critical information is available without network connection, while elements that demand network connection (certificates, etc.) become available when the device is online again. The applications utilize extensive use of location based services, in a direct way (interactive maps) but also through indirect ways (e.g. suggestions of nearby points of interest, search rankings by distance, etc.)

Ict4growth. Urban wireless infrastructure and grid development along with a platform of services and mobile applications. Managment body: ΚΤP S.A. Academic partners: ΙΤΥΕ DIOFANTOS, University of Patras and TEI of Western Greece. Smartcams. Integrated Monitoring System with smart cams watching the traffic and interests of visitors/clients on department stores. Managment body: GGET Academic partners: University of Patras. E-modia. Enabling pharmacogenomics: Design specification of the Emodia pgx database & services. Managment body: GGET Academic partners: University of Patras.


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